Victoria Egg White Pack Soap

This Swedish “Egg White Facial Soap” have been a part of healthy caring for the skin in Sweden for generations.

Originally prepared by Swedish women in the home, an egg white facial was a weekly tradition to maintain pure, glowing skin. With extracts from plants as cleansing ingredients, the egg white facial soap helps to maintain your skin in soft condition.

Suitable for use in the morning as face soap as well as face pack in the evening, the wide usage of this product is convenient and suitable for everyone.




Before-After Effects:


Moisture Comparison Chart




How to Use:

Work up a lather and then smoothen the foam all over your face. Leave it for 5 minutes. Apply a little water on your face and massage gently.

Next, rinse it with lukewarm water and then with cold water. Impurities will be extracted from your pores naturally.

You will notice a rosy glow appears on your skin. The gentle rose water and lanolin are added to help smoothen skin and make it soft to the touch.


About the Manufacturer:

The family-owned Victoria Soap Company of Helsingborg has been producing fine soaps in Sweden for over 100 years.

Produced using formulas devised back in the 1800's, each soap is hand-pressed in antique molds and presented in vintage print boxes.

As a testament of its commitment to the highest quality standards, the company is the official supplier of skin-care products to the Swedish royal family.

It is also a top-selling product in its home country Sweden, Japan, Korea and China.